Surface 3 Ushers in the End of RT

c580446_mWith the release of the Surface 3, Microsoft is bringing an end to the Windows RT operating system era.

The new Surface model, named Surface 3, is set to be the lightest and slimmest model to date while still having all the laptop-replacing features as the Surface Pro 3. The Surface 3 will come installed with the full version of Windows 8.1 and be able to run desktop applications. Additionally, the Surface 3 will come with a full USB 3.0 port, Micro SD card slot and mini Display Port as well. All this for the starting price of $499.

Sold separately is some very cool optional equipment: a dock that will give users the needed connections to turn their tablet into their work computer. Also, the Surface Pen and Keyboard cover will now be available in blue, red, silver and black color choices.

The point of interest though is not what is listed but what is not. In a blog posted by Microsoft announcing the Surface 3, there is no mention of the RT operating system. It looks as if Microsoft plans to move forward with dropping the RT operating system for its mobile devices.

The Surface 3 will also be able to be upgraded to Windows 10 for free when the operating system is released to the public. Considering the free Windows upgrade, stylish hardware upgrades, and low starting price point, I would expect strong sales for the new tablet.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)