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Our Monroe office is conveniently located at 15347 South Dixie Highway, one block south of Dunbar Road. We offer business computer support to the surrounding areas.

Our Monroe office is conveniently located at 15347 South
Dixie Highway, one block south of Dunbar Road.

Business Computer Support for Small-to-Medium Sized Businesses

You face a lot of obstacles in a day just handling your day-to-day duties. When something goes wrong with your computer or network, it can throw off your entire schedule, resulting in downtime or backlog, missed deadlines, and mounting frustrations.

Don’t let the stress send you to early death. Let someone else handle your IT problems.

Call Tech Experts.

We offer both managed plans and as-needed business computer support to small to medium sized companies in the entire southeastern Michigan and northwestern Ohio areas, including all of Monroe, Toledo, Detroit, and the Downriver area.

We’re often asked, “Do you work on [blank]?” The answer is almost always “yes!”

You can call us to repair workstations, desktops, laptops, tablets, cell phones, printers, servers, and phone systems. We also resolve network or file-sharing problems and offer consultations, VOIP services, and hosting for your website or email. We don’t believe that offering tech support is limited to just “computer repair.”

Is the problem that prompted you to search for “IT support near me” not listed? You can come to us with any issue or idea and we’ll do our absolute best to find a solution for you. We value honesty — in the rare instances when we know we’re not the team for the job, we will let you know and point you in the right direction.

Does this sound like you?

Typically, our clients have a reliance on the Internet, e-mail, and their secure network for operating and running their business every day. Usually, they have between two and 100 employees or workstations.

While we don’t limit business computer support by industry, we have particular success with professional business services, insurance agents, attorneys, retail establishments, construction services, and small to mid-size manufacturing companies.

Ask yourself:

☐ Is your business IT reliant? Do you use your systems every day? Is it difficult (or impossible) to run your business without your network, computers, and server?

☐ Do you want an experienced, skilled adviser you can trust as your technology partner — not the high-school aged nephew of a-friend-of-a-friend? Would your small business benefit by having its network support provided by another small business who’s familiar with your concerns?

☐ Do you understand the cost effectiveness of preventing disasters and having professionals manage your network? That a little bit spent now can save you big money down the road or make a real impact on productivity?

☐ Do you know, for sure, that your backups are working properly and the files are uncorrupted? Or that every machine or program is up-to-date? Is every workstation protected by current antivirus? Would you like someone else to handle all that maintenance for you?

☐ Would you like documented processes, procedures, and systems to prevent downtime and network problems?

☐ Do you want your computer repair to be done by professionals who can confidently explain what they’ve done in plain English? Who can answer your questions without losing you in jargon?

☐ Are you interested in email or web hosting? Hosted email through Tech Experts means your business’ inboxes will be spared from overwhelming spam (therefore, reducing the chances of viruses). With website hosting, you can nab a fitting, professional URL for your business.

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, contact us today. We love small business owners and managers who have passionate, positive, can-do attitudes – and who understand that the time they spend taking care of all their technology problems could be better applied to something else.

Contact us and schedule your first appointment today!

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