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Network Management Services

network management servicesNetwork Management Services for Small Businesses

In a traditional client/computer repair company relationship, you (the client) would call your support company when something breaks. The tech support company dispatches a technician to resolve your issue, then sends an invoice. This model is called “break fix” support because something breaks and the computer company fixes it.

We believe that model is flawed. There’s an incentive for the support company for your equipment and network to break down. Otherwise, how will they stay in business?

We do things differently.

Instead of being charged full-price every time we come out, you’ll be charged one flat monthly fee for our “No Problem!” network management services. Our incentive isn’t to have more calls from you – it’s for you to never have a problem.

We take the best aspects of hourly support and the best aspects of preventive maintenance, add in a help desk that anyone in your company can call anytime without an extra fee, and bundle it all together into an easy-to-budget flat rate. When problems do come up, you can call us without worrying about payments or going over your monthly limit.

To ensure your network is working as it should, we’ve invested in state of the art infrastructure that can automatically monitor your servers and workstations. It detects problems and automatically creates a support ticket before it can cause you expensive downtime.

If issues do pop up, just give us a call. We’ll have a technician assist you or schedule a visit to resolve the problem. Just like you, we absolutely want your company to stay up and running.

“What if I don’t need full-time, proactive network management services?”

Our entire support portfolio is available in whatever manner best suits your company, such as if you only need backup services or email hosting. You can also opt to cover a few workstations or just your server. You’ll never pay for services you don’t want or need.

We offer professional Network Management Services for small businesses with our technical staff certified by Microsoft. If you’re interested in a managed plan, contact us today by calling (734) 457-5000 or email us at We’ll schedule an on-site evaluation, then review options based on your needs.

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