IT Network Support Technician

Tech Experts, an award-winning managed service provider, has just created a seat at the table for a remarkable, success-focused Network Support Technician.

A bit about us…

Tech Experts is an IT service provider that focuses on the computer, network, and technical support needs of small to medium-sized businesses in many industries. We offer technology solutions that include consulting, strategic planning, network implementation, and cloud services, but our specialty is our managed service and support offering. Regardless of the engagement, our goal is always to efficiently and effectively manage our client’s IT environments while delivering predictable, business-oriented results.

We’ve been in business a long time (30+ years), maintain a CSAT score above 98%, and take on friendly, proactive clients!

A bit about you…

We love support professionals who are jacks of all trades and equally as comfortable helping a user with a printer problem as they are installing a new server. What we’re looking for, right now, is an experienced mid-level network and field service technician.

We’re looking for someone who isn’t afraid to dive into a new technology and learn all of its ins and outs. A degree is awesome, but we’re more interested in hearing about your experience supporting Microsoft-focused networks in a small or medium business environment. We want to hear about your past challenges, successes, and lessons learned!

This shouldn’t be your first rodeo. You should have several years of experience in the technical support arena. Problem solving and empathetic communication with non-technical end users should be second nature to you. We avoid geek speak at all costs.

We utilize various technologies and applications in our day-to-day support functions. You should be experienced with a ticketing system (we use ConnectWise Manage) and comfortable in an environment that requires 100% tracking of your time. Familiarity with a remote management system (we use Solarwinds N-Central) will also be useful.

We manage a fair number of clients, and our ticket volume is high. You should be adept at working on several items simultaneously, have minimal issues with switching from task to task, and handle client expectations like a pro. You should be able to do all of this while updating tickets in real time with accurate, useful time entry notes.

Above all, you’re going to learn a lot; that has to be something you want in a job. We’ll support you in your career! We really want a team that has a passion for learning and improvement throughout their careers, and we’re going to expect that passion from whomever we hire.

A bit about the job…

You’ll be working with our clients doing things like resolving connectivity issues, adding new users, configuring and deploying new workstations and servers, interfacing with line of business application providers, and all of the other things you’d expect to do to keep a small business’ network and computer systems up and running flawlessly.

Here’s a sample of our daily ticket list, to give you a better idea of the types of things you and the team are responsible for each day.

Board Summary
>>Help Desk Site: Server replacement project
>>Help Desk Site: Install xxxxx and xxxxx on old Troy workstations
>>Help Desk Kellie: Request to relocate data port
>>Help Desk Dr. xxxxx: Install wiremold
>>Help Desk Troy: Disconnect Comcast services
>>Help Desk eMDs: Follow up on Case xxxxx – xxxxx crashing
>>Help Desk Troy: Setup tablet and Dr. xxxxx diagnostic equipment
>>Help Desk xxxxx xxxxx Database Maintenance
>>Help Desk Relatient: Requesting DSN info for scheduled appointment data xxxxx
>Cloud Services Sucuri Alert,, Success Login, xxxxx
>>Help Desk Kathy: Set up Google Ad Grants account
>>Help Desk Site: Upgrade office PCs
>>Help Desk Site: New ethernet cabling for remodel
>>Help Desk Site: Firewall replacement
>>Help Desk Website redesign project
>>Help Desk Sue: Computers and Printers Storage
>>Help Desk Sarah: Intermittent intercom connection issues, error 480: Temporarily Unavailable
>>Help Desk Joe: Request for DNS Zone Dump and Transfer key
>>Help Desk Gary: Switch to Ashley’s workstation
>>Help Desk Shelley: Unable to change ring tone
>>Help Desk Gary: Quote new Office PC for Missy
>>Help Desk Missy: Set up dual monitors
>>Help Desk BobG: Assistance setting up email on phone
>>Help Desk Michelle: Amazon Music application causing performance issues and not opening
>>Help Desk Greg: Quote request for a Windows based tablet
>>Help Desk Natalie: Assist with new monitor set up
>>Help Desk Joe: Upgrade xxxxx to Windows 10
>Onboarding Office 365 Deployment – SPAM filtering, Live Archive, Encryption
>>Help Desk Dr. xxxxx: Perform trial restore to test backup functionality
>>Help Desk Doug: New Server Implementation
>>Help Desk Site: Quote Request for IP Cameras
>>Help Desk Doug: Quote request for UPS
>>Help Desk John: PC speed issues / install xxxxx
>>Help Desk Paul: Limited WiFi service in cold storage
>>Help Desk Fileserver machine: Migrate data to xxxxx

This is the job for you if…

You enjoy solving problems.

You love taking on difficult challenges and finding creative solutions.

You don’t get flustered easily.

If you don’t know the answer, you know how to find it and have the self-awareness to avoid going down rabbit holes.

You like helping people.

You are patient, level-headed, and cool under pressure.

You pay attention to details.

As far as you’re concerned, anything worth doing is worth doing right, every single time.

You stay focused, and nothing falls through the cracks on your watch.

You like learning new things, and you learn quickly.

You can roll with the punches.

Some of the other key attributes that will make you successful at Tech Experts…

You communicate clearly.

You write well (our clients see your ticket notes).

You speak eloquently.

You can explain just about anything to anyone without talking down to them.

You are motivated and driven.

You volunteer for new challenges without waiting to be asked.

You want to make a difference.

A bit about pay, perks and quality of life…

We’ve been in business over 30 years in an industry that’s constantly changing, but there are some solid rules (as far as we’re concerned) that never change.

  1. Don’t play games with your team’s money. We pay you for every minute you work on tasks for the company.
  2. Treat your team fairly.
  3. Don’t intrude on your team’s personal time. We try very hard to make sure you don’t have to work nights, weekends, or holidays. The nature of our business is such that emergencies come up, and we hope you’ll be flexible, but it is not our business model to have our team work outside of our normal office hours.

After your first 90 days, we pay the standard holidays. You accumulate 11 days of paid time off per year. We offer health insurance (it is above average to good coverage, no $5000 deductible non-sense) and we pay for half of it. The company covers the cost of your life insurance, dental, and short and long-term disability. We match up to 3.5% of your salary in the company 401k plan.

We stock our kitchen with free healthy snack foods (and occasionally not so healthy snacks) and you have unfettered access to the world famous “Tech Experts Sandwich Shop.” Technically, it’s not world famous, and it’s not a sandwich shop, but we do provide all of the things you’ll need for lunch: cold cuts, breads, chips, potato salad, pickles, etc. Occasionally we’ll have a “hot lunch” brought in as well.

Ready to have a confidential conversation?

Great! We only hire nice, bright, funny people who are willing to work hard. To start things off, please send your resume in PDF format, along with a cover letter that highlights three reasons you think you’d be a good fit. It is helpful to include a range of your salary requirements and any other special requests, considerations, or accommodations that would make our conversation productive.

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