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Data Backup Protects What Can’t Be Replaced

Fires, floods, storms, electrical surges, equipment failures… these disasters are especially hard-hitting to small businesses due to their limited finances and IT resources. What’s more, is that there are few data backup services designed for small businesses – and those that do exist are often inadequate.

Some business owners think having a disaster recovery plan for their technology isn’t of great importance and assume “that won’t happen to me,” but ask yourself:

What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and your data was completely gone?

How long would it take for your business to recreate those files or track down the last version hidden away in some inbox? What about your programs? Your equipment? Would it take a day or two — or weeks? Over a month? There’s a reason that many businesses are unable to bounce back after a disaster.

It’s a scary thought, but that doesn’t have to become a reality.

There are six key issues that your company’s data backup and disaster recovery plan needs to address:

Recoverability – Is the length of the downtime minimal?

Comprehensiveness – Do you have a combination of on-premise and cloud-based backup?

Ease of Use – Is it easy to use, deploy and manage?

Performance and Reliability – Do you feel secure and confident in your backup plan? Do you trust that data loss will be limited (or nonexistent) should the worst happen?

Affordability – Is it cost-effective? Does it strain your wallet?

Scalability – Can your solution grow with your company?

Disaster Recovery Services for SMBs: Experts Total Backup Solution

Designed for small businesses, the Experts Total Backup Solution is an easy-to-use, cost-effective “insurance policy” against downtime and data loss.

For a flat annual or monthly fee, we’ll automatically back up your data and files to our secured cloud storage – which is the safest place for your information because it can’t be physically destroyed. Your backups will be scheduled to run after hours, meaning no business or productivity is interrupted, and our systems send notifications to us after every backup. If a backup was unsuccessful, we’ll know – so you’ll never be in the situation where someone thought the backup was working… only to find out during a disaster that you’ve actually lost months or years of work.

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