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Cyber Training

Here’s the big secret to keeping your business data secure

As the business owner or manager, a data breach is deadly serious. It could mean huge fines and a loss of trust from your customers. Not to mention the cost of putting everything right again.

Ask yourself how long it would take to rebuild your business from scratch and how you would gain your customers’ trust back. It’s no easy task. Ultimately, it could result in the closure of your business. (Yes, that really happens.)

While you’ve hopefully got great security software, password managers, encryption, and backups, have you covered the biggest threat to your business?

What’s the biggest threat? It’s… your team.

That’s right. Unintentionally, your people are one of the most likely reasons a cyber-attack might cripple your business. It only takes one person to click on one bad link… and hackers can get into your system.

Hackers are targeting all businesses, all the time. They use clever automated tools and send out billions of emails every day. These emails can be very convincing when you don’t know what to look for, and your staff will likely think think they’re doing the right thing as they open the door to attacks. We see it all the time.

Regular security training for you and your team can reduce your risk of cyber-attack by 72%

Simply by giving your staff regular cyber security training, you can significantly reduce the risk of a data breach.

Thomas Fox Head Shot

Thomas Fox, President and Data Security Specialist at Tech Experts.

But you’d be surprised just how many businesses skip this vital step in their business security strategy.

Crazy, right?

My name is Tom Fox and I own and run a local IT support and data security company, Tech Experts.

Believe me when I say I’ve seen some frightening things that could have been prevented with good staff cyber security training.

Which is exactly why we offer that training. We can help give you the peace of mind that your business is as secure against the threat of cyber-crime as possible.

Give me 15 minutes on a video call. And I’ll do a quick cyber training review of your business

This call will allow me to recommend the correct cyber training for you and your team.

It’s really easy to arrange this. My live calendar is below. Take a look and select the appointment date and time that suits you best.

There’s no obligation to go ahead with the training after we speak. And certainly no obligation to buy anything. Ever.

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