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TechTidBit Newsletter Client Interview

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Typically, we write about the work we’ve done for your company, the type of network and servers you have installed, and how you use technology in your business. The questions below are a starting point – please add anything you’d like. We’ll compose the article and

If you can include some really awesome quotes about how you like our services, or how we completed a service ticket or project really well, that would be great!

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    What is your company’s history? Tell us about how your business was started, and what you do or sell, so we can describe your company to our readers.

    How do you use your computers and network in your business?

    How does your company rely on computers to get the job done?

    What are some of the biggest benefits to your business and your computer systems you’ve experienced since hiring Tech Experts to manage your network?

    What do you like most about Tech Experts’ services?

    Tell us about a specific experience you were particularly pleased with. Some examples might be when we recovered a missing file for you, or got your system back up and running when you were on a tight deadline.

    What are some advantages your company has over its competition because of how you use your computers? How has Tech Experts helped with that?

    What value added service does Tech Experts provide for you that other computer service companies don’t?

    How has Tech Experts contributed to the success of your company?

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