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Our Clients

At Tech Experts, we believe our client’s success is the key to our success. Our hard work ethic combined with unparalleled technical skills keep more than 100 business networks up and running throughout Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio. Our team is the best at what we do, but don’t take our word for it! Here’s what a few clients had to say about Tech Experts.

The benefits of having our systems networked are tremendous, I don’t have to go to each salon to retrieve sales and revenue reports. All of my data is centralized in one location, and I can do all of the work to run my business from my home office.

Dennis - Electrik Beach

Our previous provider was too far away, which led to delays, Tech Experts is always aware of where we are in our tech requirements. We’re very happy with their services and performance.

Bob - Leski Insurance

The biggest benefit working with Tech Experts brings us is having our own network and website, it’s great to have interoffice email and outer office email, since we have four locations to communicate with. That’s a huge advantage and time saver for our doctors and staff.

Kellie - Castleman Eye Center

One of the most strategic advantages we’ve found working with Tech Experts is that they’re a local company. The support agreement we have gives me peace of mind, knowing they’ll be here right away when I need them.

Sue - Complete Packaging

The thing I like most about working with Tech Experts is that we receive prompt, on-site service, if we’re unable to troubleshoot a problem over the phone, a tech comes to our facility to service us.

Linda - Southgate Surgical Center

We are very pleased with the new server and support provided by Tech Experts.  Not only does this equipment allow us to better serve our clients, by selecting Tech Experts we maintain our commitment to doing business with other Monroe County companies whenever possible.

Mr. Tenorio - Accounting Firm

When you rely on your computer system as much as we do, you really have to have a technology partner you can count on. I remember during the first few years we had our system, there were days when Tom would spend the entire day with us. He knew how significant our computers were in our business, and how bad any downtime would be for us. It’s rare you find that level of support and dedication from a service company.

Eva - Monroe Florist

We are a more solid company now that our computers are running better and we are confident in our technology, thanks to Tech Experts. We have less downtime and less frustration which again helps us accomplish our number one goal of exceptional customer service and saving our customers time.

Michelle - Iceberg's Heating and Cooling

My first call was to the power company, she explained, and my second call was to Tech Experts. I knew they’d have our computer systems handled.

Sue - Complete Packaging

The timeliness in responding to our calls for assistance. Help is usually on site the same day and many times within minutes.

Monroe County Opportunity Program

We like that Tech Experts is a locally owned company with a track record of providing service in the community, and we like the personal service we receive from Tech Experts.

Rusty - United Way of Monroe

The fact that when I call with a problem, no matter how small, I am taken seriously. I am the least computer literate person you will find. Tech Experts staff is very patient with me and educates me on why a problem happened, and how to prevent future problems. They don’t just fix it without explanation. I am involved and educated.

Elaine - Inga's Bake Shoppe

Before hiring Tech Experts, our network would sometimes go down, run slow, and we’d sometimes run into just weird problems we couldn’t figure out, since signing up on their support plan, we haven’t had any network problems. I’m VERY glad we hired these guys to support our systems.

Dennis - Electrik Beach

I felt that Tech Experts did an excellent job listening to me when they made their first visit. They came back with a proposal that was well thought out, they knew I had expenditure concerns, and they kept that in mind when putting together all of my options.

Friendly Ford

Working with Technology Experts definitely has contributed to the success of our business, we rely on the expertise of Tech Experts to keep us in the forefront of our business in this competitive market.

Sharon - Powerhouse Gym

I could not keep my computer network up and running without your team!

Pastor Sam - Stewart Road Christian Ministry Center

Tech Experts provides us with efficient and expedient service, explained Polly, which is why we’d never be tempted to search for a new service company. The level of expertise the technicians have and their friendly, professional manner couldn’t be duplicated by another firm.

Perrysburg Animal Care

One of the biggest business benefits we’ve realized in working with Tech Experts is near constant uptime, Doug continued. Any time we have a repair or upgrade, the technicians make sure we stay up and running. Tech Experts understands we can’t have downtime.

Hassett Title

One of the key advantages MAFCU has experienced since working with Tech Experts is super fast response time. We had a crisis come up during the holiday season, and without any hesitation, in the blink of an eye, I had a tech listening to my concerns and calming down the staff.


One of the biggest benefits to working with Tech Experts is that our systems are up to date and the network runs  with minimal downtime. The system is faster and more efficient than it has ever been in the past.

Lynn - Foot and Ankle

We really like working with Tech Experts. Technology changes every day, and it has become increasingly harder or small business owners to manage their computer systems. With the Tech Experts team taking care of our technology, I can focus on what our agency does best – taking great care of our clients.

Tim Wittman - Leski Insurance

We know when we need help that someone who is knowledgeable and experienced will be on site promptly.

Paul's Quality Collision